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Jeremiah 39:18 “I will surely deliver you, and you shall not fall by the sword; but your life shall be as a prize to you, because you have put your trust in ME, says the Lord.”

This is what is on my mind this afternoon as I reach out to our church family.  IMPLICIT TRUST!!  

In the Scripture above – the WORD that stands out to me today is the word – “SURELY” “I will “surely” deliver you…”

Isn’t that STRONG? 

Under the care and sacred wings of GOD there is safety, even when it seems danger is all around us!   (Psalm 91)

SURELY!!!  This is a promise that we can hold onto today?  The promises of God are SURE & AMEN…. simply…. and fully because we have put our trust in HIM…. HE says HE will deliver us!  

I am breathing in deep today because my trust is not in how I feel, my neighbors, friends, or family… MY TRUST is in the Lord who made the heavens and the earth!!  In all my years serving God, I have come to know that no one who has ever placed their TRUST In the Lord has ever done so in vain and they never ever will!  

Jesus is “IMMANUEL”, “God with us.”  When we pray, He is listening, a thought will reach him, a cry will pierce HIS HEART and our desire will bring HIM close!  We must TRUST HIM! 

As many of you know, there is an overwhelming spike in covid testing and sickness in our country, our state, and yes, many in our church.  As careful as most have been… the contagion has come to our very own doorsteps.  It has touched my family as it has yours.  This is certainly not a new threat by any means – in these last 10 months – many of our loved ones have gone through this season of sickness. NOW, just as we have before, we place our CONFIDENCE in JESUS!  Where else should we place our TRUST?

I would like to call our church family to INTERCESSION.  Will you JOIN me and others in PRAYING A HEDGE of SAFETY around our families, our people and our community?  WE NEED GOD TODAY as we have ALWAYS NEEDED HIM BEFORE!  Its no different than yesterday, but nevertheless, essential in this hour.  

WIll you commit with me to active, bold, WORD centered prayer together?  Perhaps, we cannot be around the TABLE this year together with so many family members as we’d like – but we can join them around the ALTARS of PRAYER bringing a MIGHTY MOVE OF GOD to our land!


~~ Much love – Pastor Ray Philllips

Post Script:  Many of you have prayed for me as I have been terribly sick for 6 days.  I believe that I have had a very mean and bullying FLU.  Thank you for keeping me in your prayers and for the many drop off’s to my front porch!