At Stratford Heights, we believe in rolling up our sleeves and serving somewhere in our church and our community. If you would like more information on any of these ministries, fill out the form and someone will connect with you.

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First Impressions

Cleaning Team

Volunteers serve at the church one time a week, cleaning a designated area to help keep our church beautiful

Grounds Crew

Volunteers serve once a quarter on a designated date to help keep the outside of our facility fresh and tackle larger indoor cleaning projects.

Auburn Street Café

Volunteers serve as a smiling face that keeps the coffee and donuts stocked prior to our services.

Morrison’s Corner Bookstore

Volunteers serve in the book store monthly, greeting guests, straightening shelves, and helping run transactions


Volunteers serve as the first point of contact our guests experience.  They will greet at one of the main doors, and serve as a connecting point to guide new visitors.


Volunteers serve by helping guests be seated in the sanctuary for our services.

Parking Team

Volunteers serve as the first point of contact, greeting each guests that pulls into our facility

Bright Beginnings

Volunteers serve by helping in one of our nursery/toddler classes on Sunday mornings/evenings, or the check-in desk

Rock Island Kids

Volunteers serve by helping in one of the elementary age classes, large group, or check-in desk

Music Ministry

Volunteers serve in one of our many areas of music, including several choirs, and orchestra

Production Team

Volunteers run cameras, computers, lights and sound during services, to create an amazing online experience for our guests

Health and Wellness Team

Volunteers participate in our health and wellness committee, which serves in several ways within our congregation, including Shalom to the homeless community in Middletown.

City Reach – Outreach Teams

City Reach

Volunteers serve for church-wide outreach events hosted within our community to serve our city

Forgotten Harvest Team

Volunteers serve within our nursing home and shut-ins ministry

Food Pantry

Volunteers serve Monday & Tuesdays afternoons to stock, bags, and pass out our food pantry items to families from our city.

Respite Ministry

Volunteers serve families with special needs children, giving parents/caregivers a much needed break.

Grace & Gratitude

Offers a place to let the city of Middletown know Jesus loves them through food and snack bags among other initiatives throughout the year.

Redeemed Ohio

This ministry goes out in the city and helps to rescue women who are caught in sex trafficking. They provide personal items to women and offer rescue and restoration.