We believe personal growth happens in community. Strat Groups (small groups) at Stratford are aligned with our mission.

EMBRACE GOD; Our small group meetings invite the presence of the Lord through prayer and studying the word together.

CONNECT WITH ONE ANOTHER; Our small groups provide a place to make close and meaningful friendships. We learn in community we are not alone!

PURSUE GROWTH; Our small groups, through the lesson and discussion, learn how to apply the Word to our everyday lives. We also grow spiritually by learning from others experiences and insights.

SERVE THE WORLD; Our small groups like to get involved in serving our church & community. We learn that our mission is about fulfilling the Great Commission.

It’s easy to get involved in a small group! Check-out the list of small groups available and email the leader of the one you are interested in. The small group leader will get back with you about when the next group meets and where.

If you are interested in starting a small group, please email Pastor Melissa Graw at melissagraw@gmail.com

Small Groups

This small group is thriving! Join Andrew & Nikole Locke the last Sunday of every month for a time of connection and relevant teaching and discussion. Contact Nikole for the address of their group.

Middletown, OH4th Sunday6:00PM8:00PM35-50Nonikolelocke@yahoo.com

Join us every Wednesday, for lots of fun and relevant topics that cultivate spiritual growth. This group is led by our young adult pastors, RJ & Jaime Hicks. Contact RJ for more information.

Middletown, OHEvery Wednesday6:30PM8:30PM18 – 35Norjhdrummer24@aol.com

This awesome small group is for young women ages 18-35. Brooke Lewis pours into each of these women and creates an atmosphere of spiritual growth and connection. Contact Brooke for address and next meeting time.

Lebanon, OHFirst & Third Fridays7:00PM9:00PM18 – 35Nobrooke0244@yahoo.com

This group is for young adult men ages 18-35 who want to learn how to be godly men, husbands, and fathers. They learn what God expects for this generation of men. Contact Nate Shular or Ethan Abner for next meeting date & location.

Middletown, OHThird Fridays7:00PM9:00PM18 – 35Nonathan.shular@gmail.com

This group dives into study and discussion about the importance of God’s chosen people, Israel, to the world and as a follower of Jesus Christ. You can contact Dean Osborne for more information or to join this group.

Middletown, OHEvery Thursday6:30PM8:00PMAnyNodean.osborne@yahoo.com

This group is for mom’s with kids at any age. It is a place to connect and support each other through the challenging and rewarding seasons of motherhood. Children are welcome. Contact Jaylene Turner if you wish to join the group for address of next meeting.

Middletown, OHSecond Sunday6:00PM7:30PMAnyYesJarlenea@aol.com

Every Tuesday ladies come together to dive into the Word and studies from some of the most popular Christian authors and speakers. Contact Linda Ingham for more information.

Middletown, OHEvery Tuesday10:00AM11:30AMAnyNolinmarc2@aol.com

Every Friday, join the Esperanza Hispanic small group located in Franklin, OH. This group enjoys deep Bible study and prayer. Contact Pastor Brian Little for address for the small group.

Franklin, OHEvery Friday7:00PM9:00PMAnyYesbklittle1969@gmail.com

This small group is for women who want to get out and do something fun and have meaningful conversation and just enjoy having friends. Contact Jennifer Adkins or Carrie Blake for more information on the next adventure with Girls Night Out.

Various LocationsFirst & Third Fridays6:30PM8:30PMAnyNojennifer@adonai-tech.com

This small group helps those men who are caught in sexual addiction. They use the Conquer Series, a proven resource to help someone break this addiction. THIS GROUP IS CONFIDENTIAL. Email Christian Mays to sign-up or get more information.

Middletown, OHEvery Tuesday6:30PM8:30PMAnyNocmays30@gmail.com

This group meets spring through fall. They take short rides and overnight trips. Anyone with a motorcycle is welcome to join. Contact Garry Turner for more information.

Various LocationsSeasonalAnyNomistrojaz@aol.com