We are committed to partner with our parents so that each child knows the

3 basic truths

  • God Made me
  • God loves me
  • Jesus wants to be my friend forever

Welcome to Who’s Expecting Club

We are interested in your newest member of your family. Please fill out information card found at the Bright Beginnings desk. The information provided will help us celebrate with you. Please drop the completed card at the Bright Beginnings check-in desk.

After your baby has arrived we would like to continue the celebration by asking you to bring a 4×6 photo of your baby. We would like to let everyone in on the joy of your new arrival by displaying your baby’s photo on our Bright Beginnings wall. The photo can be of the baby only or a family photo.

Safety is our top priority As you check in

Bright Beginnings provides an allergy bands for the children that have allergies. We would ask you to put a bracelet on the child before going to class, and inform the teacher of the type of allergy they have. As you leave, please drop off the bracelet up at the Bright Beginnings check-in desk.

In the nursery area, only adults can check a child in and out.

We have a 2 person policy for opening a room. If your child has arrived before both teachers have arrived, we invite you to take them to the play area, where the teachers will pick up the child from that area. As you sign in, we will ask for your cell number. If at anytime we need you, we will send you a text.

All our volunteers have had a back ground check and have completed training. We are a volunteer nursery. If you would like to consider becoming a volunteer, you can pick up a training packet at the Bright Beginnings check-in desk.