We offer classes every Sunday and throughout the week along with small groups to not only help you connect with others, but provide a place of spiritual growth. As Christians, we should always be looking for ways to strengthen our relationship with God.  Take a look at the opportunities where you can get involved.


Small groups create an avenue of real connection, real conversations about real subjects that we deal with every day. Sometimes we can feel isolated, but when we come together in community in a small group, we discover that we are all facing similar struggles and we learn from each other. 


We offer several Sunday school classes that happen every week at 10am. We learn about the Bible and topics designed to teach us how to be the Christians God wants us to be.

Youth Class – Teacher: Eli Wallace – Oasis Center – Room 7

Senior Adult Class – Teacher: Charles Warren – Room 301

Foundation Builders – Teacher: Cindy Abney – Room 302

Family Focus – Teacher: Liz Amburgy – Choir Room